First Date Presupposition

Arens’t First Dates fun or what?!

1. Take her someplace fun! like bowling or ice-skating, not some boring movie, or some sleazy fast food restaurants. I get it that it’s your favorite restaurant in the WHOLE universe, but come on man, step it up! you’re better than that. Take her somewhere you can actually show another side of you. It means a lot to them when you’re letting them see another side of you. It almost feel, intimate.

2. A gentleman always pays for the first date. Accurately spoken by the one and only Quinn Fabray of the infamous Glee. Maybe some girls might feel bad that you’re paying for them, but it actually showed maturity and responsibility, and it’s sending out the message, “I am a man, not some high school boy. I am the provider of the house and I will protect you” sorta thing, you get the gist.

3. Wear something nice and make sure you smell good. Girls absolutely loooooove a man who smells amazing! Because at night, when they’re thinking about the date, she’ll definitely remember you by the way you smell.

4. Get groovy. Take her dancing! oh-oh-oh! Please do take her dancing!!! Be fun! and also show her your sick playlist! But make sure it’s the one you actually are in to, not the house music you play at a party!

5. Tell her your story. Everyone has a story! I bet you have one. You can start off easy, don’t tell her the big story! just talk about some things that happened in your life, make sure it’s a funny one too! Cause girls are all about the fun-intimate-but-not-so-intimate-conversation, made them feel like they’re one step closer to you now.

6. Be a gentleman! in reference to point number two. I will tell you how important it is to show up as a gentleman. A gentleman shows that you are mature, that you are content, that you are mature, wait I said mature twice, BECAUSE MATURITY IS SO IMPORTANT! Show that you’re not some boy playin’ fish and release with them. If you are, oh wow, do yourself a favor, grow up. Anyways, being a gentleman is all about, being chivalrous, like opening the door to your car, or helping her take a seat at the restaurant et cetera et cetera. Be a man, better, be a gentleman.

7. Listen. One thing women can’t seem to stop doing, is talk. I admit, it might get annoying sometimes and honestly I’m not a big fan of listening to women either, but if you’re really interested in this girl, show her that you care enough to hear about her problems and actually support her.

8. Tell her she’s beautiful. Listen, this point doesn’t apply to the superficial girls with over the top confidence. Maybe they do have issues with self-love, but clearly making others feel like nothing is not the answer to their issue. Anyways, most women are generally easilly triggered to feel self-conscious. When you tell her that she’s beautiful, it actually helps her self-esteem too.

9. See beyond her eyes. Look at her. I mean, take a good look at her. See past what she wears, see past her make up, see past her smiles, see past her eyes. See her. When you see her, there’s a big chance the date’s not gonna suck. There are no bad people, as it is written in It Ends with Us, by Colleen Hoover, however she turned out to be on this date, there must always be one part of her that you might be drawn to or you wouldn’t even ask her out in the first place.

10. Don’t break her heart. I know some dates come with second dates, third dates, fourth dates and so many other dates, but there are other first dates that don’t. It’s okay if you feel like it couldn’t work out, just tell her the truth that you’re not seeing the big picture. Don’t ditch her calls and disappear, just let her off slowly. And if it does work out, take care of her. If there’s one thing more precious than that girl, it’s her heart.



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