The Knight, The Princess and The Shooting Star

Once, a knight fell in love with the youngest princess,

Of the heavenly kingdom;

The princess rose back to Heaven,

Leaving the knight confused;

The knight is a clever equestrian and sword fighter,

But he knows not how to fly;

The knight left the castle to learn to fly,

With the butterfly.

But, the butterfly could only get him,

To the top of the tree;

He then trained with the sparrow,

But the sparrow could only get him,

To the top of the tower;

He then apprenticed with the eagle,

But the eagle could only get him,

To the top of the mountain;

Not a single winged bird able,

To fly higher;

The knight grieved, but not desperate.

He wished to the wind.

The wind taught him to fly circling the earth,

Higher than the mountains and clouds.

But the princess is still far above in the ether,

And no wind could ever shove through it.

The knight mourned and – this time – is desperate;

Until one night, a Shooting Star stopped,

Hearing his wailing;

He offered the knight to be able to dash,

As fast as the light;

Bolt faster than lightning and higher than,

A million skies combined;

But if the knight isn’t able to land,

on his princess, he’ll die.

Destroyed in dangerous speed,

Shattered into dust sprinkled in the sky, the end of story

He agreed. He spared all his faith for,

The shooting star in figure of mortality;

And, he sacrificed this mortality clinging onto,

every deathly fragmented seconds;

The shooting star held on his hand, “Here is,

— the journey of true love,” he whispered,

“close your eyes, dear knight. Tell me stop,

— once your heart felt her presence.”

So they darted. Indescribable chill,

painful as if tearing the knight’s tiny heart,

But hearth glowed full of love;

Then, he felt it, “Stop!”

Shooting star stared down,

He then see the fair and lonely princess;

So bright like Orion in,

the midst of the galaxy;

And so he fell in love.

He let go his grip. A life,

formed of love and faith.

The knight shot through destruction,

As the star landed down,

to get the princess.

Poor knight;

In his honor, the blissful pole painted aurora,

To bethink the gentleness,

And sincerity of the knight


– Dee Lestari (Kesatria, Putri & Bintang Jatuh)

originally written in Indonesian Language


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