Probably Best, Goodbye

I was cocky, I thought I was better than you.

I was superficial and so full of mistakes.
Saying those stuff to you, especially in that way
Is absolutely one of it.
I was wrong and I admit it,
I apologize even though you couldn’t forgive me
But you’re not the only one hurt.
I am hurt too.
In the very end, I apologize for everything.
From the deepest, most sincerest part of my heart,
Even though you might think I do not have one.
I am sorry, and I know as shitty as it sounds, it’s the least I could do.

I am sorry for the pain.
Sorry for the ruining the sweet sweet memories.
Sorry for actually tricking you into this thing with me.

Maybe I don’t deserve you, or your forgiveness.
I honestly don’t know how to fix this.




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