Greeting card

It was a horrible scene, right before my eyes. I have walked through this road so many times before, but this is the first time I’ve seen anything like it.

He was covered in sticky red liquid, that I suppose was his. He lied there on the pavement with his back facing the sky. His legs were twisted in such unnatural angle that could see a broken white stick poking off his knees. This isn’t something I’d like to see everyday, but somehow I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I wasn’t the only one watching him in horrid, all the pedestrians stopped and circled around him, trying to take the closest look but carefully not to interfere with the crime scene.

Everyone who saw immediately came up with different conspiracies and none can make sure the truth. Some say he jumped off, some say he was murdered, but no one can confirm these theories. Personally, I don’t think someone who lived in this regal building would wanna jump off, but if somewhat this man did, the reason must be interesting. The crowd buzzed around more for another few minutes broken by the sound of siren on the curb broke. Just as I watched the ambulance park, policemen out of nowhere started taping the police line making each of us take a little step back.

“There’s nothing to see here! Run along, now! Go home! Nothing to see here!”

Gah, these men really show up out of nowhere. Perhaps what they say is true, policemen are like ghosts.

Just like that, each one of us started walking towards our destination. I didn’t know what to do next or what to think next, I have never seen a dead man died in a horrible way before, not in real life anyway. It usually is just something you’d watch on TV. How I felt afterwards were pretty interesting, I feel sad, interested and a little scared all at the same time. How awful this man’s fate is.

As a stranger watching another stranger’s event, I have no reason to dwell in this tragedy, so slowly I lift my feet up and start walking home. Still thinking about that man, how could such an awful thing happened to him? What has he gotten himself into? One of the men who came up with his own story said he heard a gunshot far from the higher floor in the building and not long after this man flew down with no sign of life. Another lady said she saw him running around manically that he jumped off his window saying, “I can fly!” While some others said he was involved in some deep mess drug dealing or in some kind of super secret spy matter. So many stories, so many thoughts, I might as well came up with my own version.

I’ve walked about a few feet straight and I saw something unusual hanging on the tree, a white greeting card with red grunge stain and I was so curious, I just couldn’t leave it. I kept saying, you better walk away, who knows who’s looking for it? but still I took it in my hand and inspect every single bit. It was like something you’d buy at the bookstore, the one that says I’ll miss you, buddy. Keep in touch! with cartoon dogs looking goofy. I was planning on returning it, until I accidentally open it. What was written inside was beyond surprising. I froze till I read it at least three times. I just couldn’t take my eyes of it.

It has a very neat handwriting, like a woman’s and I am pretty sure based on the language, this woman and him used to be close and because of one bad event, they weren’t anymore. Perhaps, he was doing awful stuff to the woman, because what she wrote is pure hatred and revenge. It sounds something like this,

Hello friend, 

Long time no see, or have you forgotten all about me? I suppose you have. Who would want to remember a ghost like me? All these years we’ve spent apart, I wished you well. I wished you all the health you could have, not even a cold, not even a flu. I want you to be healthy, to be healthy enough to feel every single thing I’m gonna do to you and trust me, and I’m telling you trust me, you’re gonna wish you were dead long before you met me. You’re gonna shout my name begging for mercy, but hey, what can I do? I’m just a stupid girl you don’t even wanna look at. I warned you, you know, but you chose to forget it and now that the storm has come, you can’t run. Cause it’s coming faster than you know, it’s coming from every direction and please, don’t even blink. It’s coming at you and it has no mercy. 


Your ugly past.

I shivered reading this card, it must have something to do with the man. I took this card and ran to the crime scene. I shouted, “Officer! officer! I found something!”

A woman with a stern face came to me, “Go away, girl. We have no time playing your stupid games”

“No, officer! This is real, look at it. I didn’t make it up!” I shoved this card to her face. She saw it, and dragged me by my arm to the nearest alley she could see.

“What do you have, there?” I gave it to her, as she took it and examine. “Where did you find this? Where did you find this?!” She sounded angry and I am no longer calm. My heart raced as if running from a dog that can smell the ham in my pocket.

“I.. it was hanging.. on a tree”, just like that, she released a loud laughter, and I don’t feel so good about what’s gonna happen next. I don’t think she’s a legit officer either. I don’t think she’s here to help, I think she’s making sure she couldn’t be found.

“You poor girl, you’re not supposed to find this. I feel bad for you, I really do. So young, so pretty and yet nowhere to be found. People are gonna miss you, honey” She started leaning towards me, and I couldn’t think. I looked around for an escape, but she cornered me. Is this how I’m gonna die? is this it? is this as far as I go? My heart is racing really fast, and even my legs betrayed me.

“Hey, you! what are you doing?! We have to clean up the scene!”  another policeman walked right at us, and I just have this great idea!

“Sir!” I shouted and the fake officer starting to lose control of our moment,


“I need to talk to you!” He looked confused, but I kept going. I started walking towards him, but this woman pulled me.

“Come on, honey. Tell him about that time where you wrote me a goodbye card. Tell him” Now, I started to outdo her. She’s starting to pace and I walked as fast as I can towards the officer.



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