Gahhh.. It’s been a long time since the last challenge I did! I miss writing these!

Anyway, all pictures and challenges are provided by Priceless Joy!

I hope my work entertains you!

“Ssshh. Be quiet and stay low, stay low! They might see us, you don’t wanna get kicked out, do you?” Jackson spoke in a whisper. He took my hand as we walked these narrow spaces, crawled more like it.

It was dark in here, and lights scattered the whole room as if searching for something to light. He lifted his finger up as cue for us to climb the ladder even though we were already on the top porch of the theater because he said up there should be the VIP spot.

We climbed and what I saw surprised me way more than the show. There were blankets, a picnic basket, and a beautiful rose placed right into the direction of the stage. This point my heart was melting a thousand degrees hot. Here, covered in spider webs, old woods to sit on and Jackson by my side is the best place. Ever.


11 thoughts on “Trespassers

  1. They sound like a perfect match! I’m thrilled to read how such an ominous beginning spilled into a surprisingly heartfelt and intimate ending. A very unique take on this prompt. I really like it 😀 Great job!

    (Side note: You can change “don’t you” to “do you” in the following sentence: “. . . They might see us, you don’t wanna get kicked out, don’t you?”)

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