Past 17 Years Ago

This challenge is: Mondays Finish the Story

Where the picture is provided with the beginning line: Finish the story begins with:  “Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.”

Few knew about the castle inside the island, but my family has been here for years. They told me our great-great-great-grandparents built this, back in the medieval days, I don’t know whether they’re just playing with me or it’s true but for sure I love it here, I always have since the very first time I came. I even had my own spot. It’s right there behind the huge rock that looked like a frog, you see? Under there, was my cave.

I recall leaving a few stuff right there, I hope it’s still there.

I really like it here and whoever found this note, please take care of the place. I’m not going to come back for a long time, I hope you keep this place as it was, don’t build estates here. Please.


Kate, June 1998


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