The Little Boy I call Alex

“Do you remember, the old song we used to sing?” “Which song?”, he asked in return. in a very low voice, I sang to him, “Stars shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper, I love you birds singing in the Sycamore tree dream a little dream of me” “I can’t believe you remembered […]

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What is love? Does anyone really know what it is? Could anyone recognizes its true form when its delivered right in front of their doorstep? What is love? The first time I recognized love, love is sweet and rainbows and unicorn. The second time I recognized love, love is immeasurable forgiveness. The third time I […]

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Waltz of Love

She was light on her feet, tiptoeing every puddle She twirled and smiled all night long under the moonlit sky, along with the sonata she kept close in her heart There could be no better night for she’s in love.

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Unsent Letter

I know I haven’t got the right to say this but, in this world, in another world right now, some other time, would you give me another chance? would you give us another chance?     photo courtesy:

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First Date Presupposition

Arens’t First Dates fun or what?! 1. Take her someplace fun! like bowling or ice-skating, not some boring movie, or some sleazy fast food restaurants. I get it that it’s your favorite restaurant in the WHOLE universe, but come on man, step it up! you’re better than that. Take her somewhere you can actually show […]

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“yada yada yada.. like ugly Gina over there” he said across the classroom. “She’s cool with it and yada yada yada” I smiled as everyone else turn around to see this Gina the lecturer has been referring as ugly earlier. I couldn’t hear the rest of his sentence as the huge grin on my face […]

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